Alert in Canaries. High temperatures

The Department of Security and Emergencies recommends people follow these tips due to a heatwave alert in Canaries

Alert in Canaries. High temperatures
Photo :José Luis Sandoval

Recommended advice. High temperatures:

Protect yourself from sun and heat.

It is recommended to stay in places shaded from the sun and in the cooler rooms
of the house. During the hours of sunlight, keep the blinds down.

Open the windows of the house overnight to cool it down.

Where needed, use fans or air conditioning to cool the environment.

Be careful when changing environments, sudden temperature changes might
affect you.

On the street, avoid direct sunlight. Wear a cap or a hat, lightweight, light
coloured clothing.

Try to walk through shaded areas or use an umbrella for protection. Relax in cool
Places or in enclosed places that are air-conditioned.

Always carry water and sip frequently.

Do not leave children or elderly people inside a closed car.

Avoid strenuous activities in the central hours of the day, when it is usually

Take light meals and refreshments rich in water and mineral salts, such as fruits
and vegetables, which help to replenish salts lost by sweating.

Do not drink alcoholic beverages. Avoid large, hot, calorific meals.

Help others. If you know sick or old people who live alone, go to visit them once a

Consult your doctor if you are taking medication that can influence your body’s
ability to regulate your temperature, it may ne



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